Wally's Mail Bag
Just a note here on my 60th birthday. Hard to believe that in 1959 I became a Dodger fan, bleeding Dodger Blue. Hard to believe as I was living in Canada in the eastern time zone. Having said that, Wally Moon was my first sports hero, reminded me of a cowboy playing baseball. What better combination than that.
Ross Baylin, Ottawa, Ontario

Mr. Moon, I play competitive fast-pitch softball. I'm 15. I'm a catcher. My late grandfather was Joe Holt from Bay, AR. He would always tell me to hit the ball like you. He and Maxie Morrison have told may stories about you. They may have stretched the truth just a little about how good they were!!! If I stay healthy, looks like I'm going to be able to play college softball. I play on a team out of Mississippi and we play 12 to 14 college exposure tournaments each year. My Grandpa Joe gave me one of your autographed baseballs, I keep it on my shelf in my room next to his American flag they gave me when he died. Hope you remember him. Thanks and you have a great website!!!
Hayley, Jonesboro, AR

Wally do you remember one day with the Cardinals in the late '50's at Sportsmen's Park? I went with my dad to a ballgame and I remember you hit a tremendous shot to right field and hit the big stadium clock and broke off the hand of the clock. Would you happen to remember the date because later in life one of my best friends was also at that same game, but we didn't know each other at the time until one of us was telling the story to the other one and it turned out we were both at that game. Just wondered if you remembered.
Randall Elmore, Kirksville, MO

Hi Wally, I'm a sportswriter here in south Florida and covered the Marlins game against San Diego today. A player for the Marlins, Chris Coghlan, has 46 hits in August. That's the most since you did it in July 1954 with 52. I was happy to write a game story mentioning your name.
Paul Gereffi, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I enjoyed watching you play! Your Moonshots were great! My little brother caught one of them way back in '61. He still has it. Nobody wears #9 like you did!
Steve Chism, Sparks, NV

I just found this site and was very excited. As a kid I watched Wally play for the Dodgers. He was always one of my favorite players of all time. At age 55 now, I just wanted him to know how much he has meant to me all these years...and I pray for him to continue to enjoy retirement. Thanks for the way you played the game.
Rick Schusser, Pleasanton, CA

Hi Coach, I am a former student from JBU. I doubt you would remember me, but I was just looking at your web-site and thought I would drop you a line. I am assistant superintendent at Van Buren School District in Van Buren, Arkansas, and should complete my doctorate either by Christmas or spring 2010. I just wanted to say what an honor it was to be a student of yours in class while at JBU 1970-74.
Lonnie Myers, Van Buren, AR

I have some guy named Chuck Gardner working here that says he was the best second baseman of all time and you would verify that.
Bob Hamlett, Dallas, TX

I happened to find your website and wonder if you still remember when we used to play tin can ball with a Pet Milk can and a broomstick in Bay, Arkansas?
Gerald Turner, Puyallup, WA

When I was a kid growing up in the LA area in the 1960s you were my favorite player. My family and I would go to several games a year and I was always cheering for you. Fun times! Thanks for the fun memories!
Joan Klein, San Jose, CA

Dear Mr. Moon: While in the process of moving my ninety-nine-year-old grandmother to an assisted-care facility I stumbled upon an H & B 140S, Special, Power Drive 33-inch bat. The bat is in good condition, has color aged and there are some minor surface dings and marks along the barrel. My grandmother does not remember when or where she or my grandfather acquired the bat. When I mentioned your name to my dad he got excited and proceeded to tell some Wally Moon stories when you were with the Dodgers.
Michael Collins, Vista, CA

Oh how I remember you. I have at least one autographed Cardinal postcard from you and one 8X10 signed photo. You were one of my all time heroes. You were a credit to the game and to humanity. Congratulations on your web site and may God bless you and yours.
Kermit Tanzey, Bartlesville, OK

What a thrill to find a web site for the player who was my favorite Dodger in the 60's. Shame on Walter Alston for not playing you more often in '63, '64 & '65...the more you were in the lineup, the better your production. I remember the '64 & '65 seasons...he'd platoon you with Ron Fairly and you'd get to pinch hit in games you didn't start. When you got a hit during the pinch hit at bat, you'd be in the starting lineup the next day. Go 'oh for four' on one day and you'd be back on the bench. As one of your fans, I thought you were a better player than Fairly. Just my opinion after all these years. Best Regards, Mr. Moon.
David Sydney, Larkspur, CA

I grew up with Stan Musial being my favorite player so I recall you very clearly when you were a Cardinal. However I also liked the Brooklyn Dodgers. Billy Cox lived right down the road and Carl Furillo also lived not far away. I want to thank you for the memories and tell you I appreciated the way you played the game.
Bob Cope, Danville, PA

Mr. Moon you have been my baseball hero since I was eight years old and you continue to be to this day. I loved watching you play for the Cardinals and listing to the Dodger games. You are a household name in my family. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.
Ralph Johnson, Waipahu, HI

Wally,I have been a Dodgers fan since 1961 and loved the Moon shots, as I write this I look to my left and see the personalized ball from you in 1964,a signed card from you that you sent my wife as a surprise for my 40th birthday in 1993,as well as an autograph picture that to be honest I don't remember where I got and a frame that contains cards from all 12 years of your career,you were my first baseball hero for which all I can say is Thanks!
Blake Phillips, Coppell, TX

I'm proud to become a member of your fan club. You have been one of my favorite Dodgers of all time! Thanks for all the great baseball memories!
Nancy Northcross, Westcliffe, CO

I have always liked you..... same name and same birthday...despite playing for those hated Dodgers!
Phil Moon, Stockton, CA

My dad "Arnie" or "Al" Zehner was on your baseball team at John Brown University. He has spoken so HIGHLY of you over the years and I would love to reunite the two of you!!!! You were a very influential figure in his life. I would love to hear from you and put you back in contact with my father!!!!!!
Stephanie Zehner, St. Louis, MO

I was probably 14 or so years old when I became a Wally Moon fan. I had recently gotten my first magazine subscription to Sport magazine and shortly thereafter there was a cover story with a photo of Wally leaning against a batting cage, I think. It was a wonderful story and it presented him as a really nice guy. Formative years… really nice guy playing for the Dodgers – my favorite team, even though they’d left my hometown of New York. I rapidly became an ardent Wally Moon fan. My fervor grew as he answered my letters, first with a postcard that had his signature printed on it, later with some more personalized notes. One of my favorite stories and memories revolves around meeting Wally in New York. I’d written to him telling him that I’d wait for him outside of Shea Stadium the next time the Dodgers came to play the Mets. And wait I did. The Dodger bus was hours late (or so it seemed in that hot sun) and when it arrived minutes before the scheduled start of the game, the players were running into the stadium and not stopping to say “hello” to fans. I got Wally’s attention and he came back to give me his autograph. My hero stopped and took my pen and tried to give me his autograph and the darn pen wouldn’t write. It had baked in the summer sun and had dried up. I was mortified and there was no time to look around for another pen. Wally told me to contact him the next time the Dodgers came to town. I did, and he kindly met me, introduced me to his roommate (Jeff Torborg, I think), and had a great conversation with me. I was so nervous, and I thought of him as “friend” rather than as a “famous baseball player,” that I didn’t bother asking for his autograph. I thought it would demean the friendship. Now, some 45 years later, I still cherish that meeting. I have always thought of Wally as one of the good guys out there. Years later, maybe 1990, I met Wally at the Winter baseball meetings and blurted out this story. We shared a bite to eat. He was gracious. Of course, his "Moonshots" were phenomenal, he had a great eye as a hitter, and he was a terrific player. I still think of myself as his greatest fan.
Harvey Jassem, Canton, CT

Mr. Moon, I had a wonderful time getting to meet you, and what an outstanding person you are! Then I find out on this website that your from Arkansas (I have yet to meet someone I didn't like from Arkansas), and that your an Aggie, too. WHOOOOP! May God keep blessing you Mr. Moon.
Michael Ochoa, Lufkin, TX